The Shelburne Inn - Seaview, Washington, 98644, United States

Shelburne Breakfast Menu

“DDD” Special
“David’s Daily Dish” breakfast. Freshly inspired daily….12.50

The Shelburne Standard
Two eggs, any style, served with potatoes, house made toast,
choice of bacon or pit ham…. 10

Shelburne Oatmeal
With dried crannies and berries…8

Classic French Toast
Two large slices homemade baguette dipped in our sweet & sassy batter, fried in butter,
choice of bacon or grilled ham…10

Biocharm Farms Vegatable and Four Cheese Omelet
We use the freshest vegetable available combined with Feta, Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozarella…11

The Hangtown Fry
Ekone oysters, bacon, and greens, topped with cheese and crème fraiche.
Served with house potatoes…14

The Northwest Benedict
Two homemade biscuits topped with sliced ham, poached egg, and wild mushroom cream
Served with house potatoes…13

Wild Mushroom Herb Scramble
Three eggs, four cheeses, fresh herbs, scrambled, with foraged wild mushrooms.
Served with house potatoes…11

The Shelburne Inn
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