The Shelburne Inn - Long Beach Peninsula, Washington, 98644, United States

Shelburne Inn 120th Anniversary Celebration

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1896 - 2016
We're celebrating 120 years of continuous operation of the Shelburne Inn this year! We've planned a series of special events to mark the occasion and you're invited to the party! Read about the Shelburne's history here:
Shelburne History 
For a downloadable PDF of our Schedule of Events click here:
Shelburne 120th Special Events

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“Check in to history and still enjoy every up-to-date comfort at The Shelburne Inn.”

Christine Ryan for Martha Stewart Living 

“One of the best ways to pick up some local history on your travels is to stay in a place with a history of its own. The Shelburne Inn is a perfect setting in which to be comforted and well fed—just as it was for the men and women who first called it home many years ago.”

Bon Appetit

The Shelburne Inn
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