The Shelburne Inn - Long Beach Peninsula, Washington, 98644, United States

Gourmet Breakfast

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The world of Pacific Northwest cuisine traditions are both those we have grown up with and those that survive in the unique Pacific Northwest microcosm. The North Coast natives drew from vast stores of wild edibles, which included salmon, venison, elk, berries, wild mushrooms and edible greens. Immigrants have come to this region from all over the world, of course, and two strong ethnic influences are Scandinavian and Asian. While often the dishes we prepare are distinctly of one ethnic influence, we are unable to resist the inclination toward innovation and often find ourselves inventing a new taste sensation through the blending of different traditions.

Our artistic eye plays a role when it comes to presentation. David is a potter and Laurie is a weaver, so playing with color and design comes naturally to both of them. Not to be forgotten are the two essential items of texture and flavor, the unseen elements in a dining experience and those that linger on the palate and in memory.

Most importantly, we support the philosophy that the purpose of food and wine, lovingly prepared and served is to enjoy. We delight in watching that happen.

Each Room Comes with a complimentary breakfast for two served between 8-10 am each day.

With each entree you enjoy carefully prepared and delicious sides including hot fresh baked goods from our in house bakery. No one leaves the Shelburne hungry or unsatisfied.

There is fresh coffee and tea from 6:30 each morning. Also served with breakfast is your choice of juice or milk.

The Shelburne Inn
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